Press release "Intrinsic Indecency"

We are proud to announce the release of our 3rd full-length album entitled "Intrinsic Indecency"!

Our friend Tony Koehl did the artwork and we hope you dig it as much as we do! The album will contain 11 crushing new tracks plus a re-recorded version of "Cannibal Obsession" from our debut album "Abominable", the complete track list looks like this:

1 Anal Apoptosis
2 Lacerate Sever Burn
3 Misplaced Mastectomy
4 Intrinsic Indecency
5 Drenched In Diarrhea
6 Carnivorous Crackpipe Consumption
7 If you can’t fuck it, duct it
8 Methamatics Of Panic
9 Cannibal Obsession
10 Pulmonary Insemination
11 2 S.H.C.
12 Acrotomophiliac

Guitar, bass and vocals were recorded at Sour Mash Studios by Dave Snow. Unfortunately we had some problems while recording the drums, so we had our friend Guido Wyss (Enigmatik, Lysergic Sunshine) record session drums for this album. For live shows and future albums we still have our regular drummer Ruppi. The album was mastered at Iguana Studios in Germany by Christoph Brandes (Necrophagist, Deadborn)

Listen to two brand new tracks off the album on our myspace page!!

Release date will be July 30th, although our Swiss fans will be able to get a head start at our record-release show on June 19th at the Bad Bonn in Düdingen! Our friends in Oral Fistfuck and Slaves will be rocking the house, so make sure you're there!!!

In other news we are currently booking a full two week US-tour from July 9th - 24th around the Las Vegas Deathfest and the Central Illinois Metalfest! We will be joining forces with our good friends in Inherit Disease, Septycal Gorge and Incinerate to deliver a brutal fucking tour with no emo-haircuts, no deathcore breakdowns and no clean vocals! Ha! If you would like to book a show for this tour, please get in touch with Scott of Brutal Bands:

For European booking requests, please write to:

Keep it fucking SICK!!! -Amagortis-