US-Tour cancellation...

Hey everybody,

It is with the deepest regret that I have to inform you that we were forced to cancel our appearance on the Brutal Domination Tour, as well as the Las Vegas Deathfest and the Central Illinois Metalfest.
Three of my band mates were stopped at US customs, who then found out our bands name, googled it and hence found out about the tour. Since they did not have work visas and weren't able to get them by the start of the tour they could not enter the USA and we will not be able to partake on the tour.
Believe me: we tried absolutely everything, but without success. US customs are a fucking bitch and it was just beyond our power to change the outcome of this situation...

I would like to apologize to all the promoters and fans who were counting on us and who were excite to see us! I can't even begin to describe how disappointed we are and how much money we wasted on this whole thing.
Since I am already in the US, I'll be coming with on the tour as a roadie and merch guy, selling our new album "Intrinsic Indecency" and t-shirts with the album art. At this point we're just trying to minimize the damage... So please come out and support this tour and buy some of our merch, so we don't need to go work as call-boys to pay off our debt!
Taking our place on the tour will be our good friends and fucking badasses Execration (CO, Unique Leader), for whom I'll be doing a couple guest vocals. So get your asses out and show some fucking support!!!

Sorry again to anyone we have disappointed with this cancellation!!!

I'll be seeing you on the road anyway, so come say what's up!

-Pascal / Amagortis