News, News, News & a small update

Just updated the "Concert" page to keep all of you up to date for the EU-Tour! ;)

AND, we finally got the zippers which where sold out!! So feel free to order them NOW!

Further i'll let you know, that Schwab "Big Swiss" will play bass for us at the Death Feast Open Air in Germany. But you'll see "Bobo" playing on the EU-Tour!!
New bandpics with our bass player will follow soon. So, dont worry about that, you know, we're always trying our best!

We're still in the writhing process for our 3 song promo. We've already recordet a few lines at the Sourmash Studio, but went back to the practice room cause we where not 100% happy with the arrangement.

AND... we're planning to film a video for the Track "Intrinsic Indecency" from our last Album. More information will follow soon at our website so make sure to check back!!