GUYS n GIRLS - New Amagortis merch / New shows fixed

Alright, there are just 2 shows left to complet the upcoming tour.
7. / 8. Sept.: Promoters from CH, ITALY, GERMANY get in touch to have this killer line up in your town!! Check the "Concert" page for details.

2 new t-shirts will be ready for the upcoming tour - designs done by "Jon Zig" and "Jo" from Steel Workshop. THANK YOU, YOU CRACY DRAWING FREAKS!!!

One of them will be an exclusive and limited tour shirt, so make shure to get yours as early as possibile!!
The other one is dedicated to one of our new songs witch will be ready for downland at tour-start! :))

GIRLS!! -  we would never forget you - there are new "Razorbacks and Tanks" coming in different colors!! You'll love it.

We'll show you the layouts in a few weeks. So, you just have order them from our website or pick it up at one of our shows!

Cheers / Amagortis