Hey guys and gals!

it's been a little quiet around us, but that doesn't mean we're dead! It took a moment for us to recover from the tour with Gorgasm and Defeated Sanity, which was an absolute BLAST!!! Thanks once again to everyone involved: the bands (for being the best scrotes ever!!!), Xenia (for setting this shit up), our drivers (Nico "no weed no show" bones, Olaf "goddamnit" Minimalbus and Roman "mr.calmness-himself" Beardface for getting us around safely), all the promoters for their effort and hospitality and last but not least every crazy motherfucker who showed up night after night!!!


Soooo, in other news we have two awesome new merch-designs: Weeding Profusely shirts (if you don't get the name, you suck at death metal!), featuring artwork by the almighty Jon Zig.

And these wonderful girlie shirts, available in three different colors

You can order them by sending an e-mail to contact@amagortis.ch

Most importantly though, we are working on material for our next album! Three songs are done and more is in the works, stay tuned for more news on that!
In order to concentrate fully on writing new shit, we will be taking a gig-break after the Brutal Grind Assault in Geneva, Switzerland on January 28th 2012. We'll be back on stages next summer, hopefully hitting up a bunch of festivals all over Europe!

The last upcoming gigs before our little break are the following:

Oct. 29th - Not Dead Yet Fest @ Das Haus, Ludwigshafen, D Not Dead Yet Fest
Jan. 6th - Brügger's B-Day Bash @ Bad Bonn, Düdingen, CH
Jan. 14th - Headbanger's Ball @ Graffiti, Bern, CH
Jan. 28th - Brutal Grind Assault VII @ Kab de l'Usine, Geneva, CH Brutal Grind Assault VII

We hope to see some of you there!

Cheers from the Amagortis-Crew!!!