Hey guys and gals!

it's been a little quiet around us, but that doesn't mean we're dead! It took a moment for us to recover from the tour with Gorgasm and Defeated Sanity, which was an absolute BLAST!!! Thanks once again to everyone involved...

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Euro Tour

Today we leave for our 4 week EU-Tour with Gorgasm and Defeated Sanity. Cant fucking wait to crush your city - see ya all on the road!!

Big Cheers / Amagortis

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GUYS n GIRLS - New Amagortis merch / New shows fixed

Alright, there are just 2 shows left to complet the upcoming tour.
7. / 8. Sept.: Promoters from CH, ITALY, GERMANY get in touch to have this killer line up in your town!! Check the "Concert" page for details.

2 new t-shirt and girlie shirts in different colors will be ready for the upcoming tour - designs done by "Jon Zig" and "Jo" from Steel Workshop....

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THX to DFOA / Latest free tour slots

BIG THX to all who showed up at DFOA and made this fest as sick as it was!! We really had blast there and cant wait see ya all again - next destination is Eisenwahn!!

There are still some dates left/not fixed yet for the upcoming Gorgasm/ Defeated Sanity /Amagortis tour!!

22. August - TBA
25. August - TBA

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News, News, News & a small update

Just updated the "Concert" page to keep all of you up to date for the EU-Tour! ;)

AND, we finally got the zippers which where sold out!! So feel free to order them NOW!

Further i'll let you know, that Schwab "Big Swiss" will play bass for us at the Death Feast Open Air in Germany. But you'll see "Bobo" playing on the EU-Tour!!

We're still in the writhing process for our 3 song promo and we're planning to record a video for the song Intrinsic Indecency.....

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Euro-Tour first dates

Here are the the first dates of our upcoming Euro-Tour with Gorgasm and Defeated Sanity. We'll keep you up to date - more to come!

20.08 - Mountains Of Death, Switzerland (only Gorgasm & Defeated Sanity)
21.08 - Day Off
24.08 - Escape Metalcorner, Vienna, Austria

For those who wana check out our show at DFOA, make sure to be there early!! We'll play friday (06.24.2011) at 14.00 - 14.30!!

Big Cheers n see ya on the road. 

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