Here's a short update about the forthcoming AMAGORTIS album: We are still concentrating on writing new material. There will be about 10 songs on the new release with our sickest material ever. Most of the songs are already finished. Everything goes as planned and we'll entering our home studio in September to start the recordings for our new full-length. The album title is not set yet, but here are some song titles: Uncured Sickness, Chainsaw Ass Massacre, Gore, Psycho and H.K.U.A. We will put the final tracklisting and the album title online as soon as decisions are made. A mp3 sample of one of the new songs is also in work and will be able to download in the next weeks!!!
In addition, we are preparing for the next show at the Mountains of Death. We are all fucking excited to play there with such great bands. The billing kicks ass!!! Hope to see you all there! -Stoef-